Working With a Remodeler: A Guide

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When you bought your current house, you were in a certain stage of your life. Maybe you were newly married with no children, maybe you had a young family, or maybe you were already an empty-nester. No matter where you were then, things have undoubtedly changed by now. Whether you’ve had children, your children have moved out, or you now have grandchildren you didn’t have before, life changes often lead to lifestyle changes, which can, in turn, necessitate home renovations.

If you have been thinking about making some alterations to your house, but haven’t yet hired a remodeler, it might be because you aren’t sure what exactly the process entails or how to even begin finding the right renovation professional for your job. That’s where this guide comes in. In the following paragraphs, you will see all sorts of helpful information about hiring a remodeler.

What do remodelers do?

Remodeling professionals, who are often general contractors, specializing in structurally altering homes that are already standing. Essentially, this means their focus is not on new construction. Remodelers do a variety of projects, including taking down walls to create more open floor plans, finishing basements, erecting additions, and changing the layouts and flows of rooms to suit their clients’ needs better. Remodelers sometimes do entire jobs by themselves, but most have crews of employees or hire subcontractors specifically for each project.

Who should hire remodelers?

Any homeowner who is thinking about making changes that are not merely cosmetic to his or her house should work with a remodeling professional. Not only will this give you peace of mind as you go through the construction process, but it will allow you to have confidence that things are being done right the first time. Doing large renovations yourself often leads to more stress than it’s worth. Letting an expert do the job will make things significantly easier on you and your family.

How much do remodelers charge?

Remodeling contractors all have their own rates. Some price jobs by the hour, others offer fixed price quotes, and still, others provide estimates that don’t allow the homeowner to know the final cost until the project is over. You do need to remember, however, that while it is important to stick to your budget, money shouldn’t necessarily be your priority when it comes to hiring a home renovation expert. Instead, focus on finding someone who is trustworthy and respected in your Carolina community. Many reputable contractors offer payment plans for clients who can’t afford their total bills.

At Hatch Homes, we are passionate about helping our clients make changes to their homes, so they suit their current lifestyles. Whether you need a large in-law suite added onto your house or you just want to change the way your kitchen flows, we are here for you. We serve families throughout the Carolinas and Virginia, so we’re just a phone call away no matter where in the region you live. We look forward to giving you your dream home soon!

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