Your Complete Guide to PlyGem Windows

PlyGem Windows

PlyGem is one of the leading names in the window manufacturing industry. They offer an extensive selection of replacement windows for you to choose from. Each window is uniquely designed to meet the needs of your project. They are available in a variety of different shapes, sizes, colors, and operational functions. They also have other added features that you may consider.

PlyGem windows are actually designed according to the region in which you live. This means that you may not find all window types in every region. They focus on developing the windows that work best for the area, based on their climate and other factors. You can take a look at their website to see what is offered in your area.

Types of Vinyl Windows Offered by PlyGem

No matter what type of window you may be looking for, you are sure to find some great options within PlyGem’s assortment.  Here are a few of the types that you may consider.

  • Awning Windows
  • Casement Windows
  • Fixed Windows
  • Single Hung Windows
  • Combination Windows
  • Geometric Windows
  • Radius Windows
  • Sliding Glass Windows and Patio Doors
  • Garden Windows

They even offer a selection of Low-E glass energy efficient window options that can help to get the best energy efficiency out of your windows.  This is something to consider, especially if you live in areas with a lot of extreme temperatures.

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Warranty Protection Offered by PlyGem for Vinyl Windows

PlyGem also offers a variety of warranties for their vinyl windows.  They offer the following different types

  • 2 Year Glass Breakage
  • Optional Lifetime Glass Breakage
  • Limited Lifetime
  • 25 Year Transferability
  • 25 Year Multi Family

When it comes to the warranty on your windows, make sure that you read all of the fine print closely.  This will help you to have a clear understanding when it comes to what is covered under your warranty.

Options for PlyGem Aluminum Windows

If aluminum windows are more along the lines of what you are looking for, PlyGem has a good selection to choose from.  You can choose from fixed windows, single hung windows, sliding glass windows, or geometric and radius windows. They also have some energy efficiency options available with their aluminum windows, including low-E glass with argon and SC, as well as an energy star rating and Title 24 compliance.

The warranty with their aluminum windows is similar to that of their vinyl windows.  They offer a 20 year glass warranty on all of their aluminum windows. Just be sure to check to see what that warranty actually covers.  


Double Hung Windows by PlyGem

PlyGem has a variety of double hung windows.  The prices for these windows will vary greatly depending on the design.  Double hung windows are excellent when it comes to allowing both window sashes to move.  The sashes will tilt to allow you to clean the windows fairly easily too. This means that they have very little upkeep.  They have a lot of options to consider.


Casement and Awning Windows by PlyGem

PlyGem also has some great casement and awning windows to consider, and their prices will also vary depending on the style.  These types of windows are probably one of the most popular choices because they tend to be pretty energy efficient, and they are also really easy to operate.  They give you a good amount of ventilation, and they can help to provide you with some of the best views possible.

Both casement and awning windows usually open with a crank style design.  Thy are typically made up of a single window pane, with hinges either at the top or bottom of the window on awning windows, or on the sides of the windows on casement windows. The placement of the hinges is really what sets these two types of windows apart.


Vinyl Garden Windows by PlyGem

PlyGem also has some excellent vinyl garden windows to consider.  These vinyl garden windows are actually really popular because they allow more light into your home, while also improving ventillation.  They are most often placed in living areas or kitchens. They not only serve the purpose of a window, but they also give a little added shelf space in your home.  They can be great for plants and flowers, allowing them to get adequate amounts of sun. They should not, however, be placed near a walkway since they extend out away from your house.

Sliding Windows by Ply Gem

PlyGem also has sliding windows that vary greatly in price based on the style.  The design of these windows have typically two or three different sashes that can slide to the left and right to open the windows.  These can be great for ventilation purposes, but do tend to obstruct views a bit. They are, however, really tightly sealed and offer a good amount of energy efficiency and protection against the elements.

The Replacement Window Series by PlyGem

PlyGem offers three different lines when it comes to replacement windows.  These include the Contractor, the Pro and the Premium series. They can be ordered in both traditional sizes, or custom sizes, depending on your own needs.  Just remember that not all regions have all of the different windows, so check your region for a comprehensive list of what is offered.

Pro Windows

The Pro series also offers a wide variety of windows, similar to the Contractor series.  They just offer a few added features. For instance, you can get the HP Max Glass windows in triple panes, boosting energy efficiency even further.  You can also get them in R-5 highly insulating designs. These windows are also specific to regions, and meet Energy Star requirements for the area in which they are sold.  

The Pro window series offers single hung windows, casement or awning windows, single hung and casement bay and bow windows, garden windows, sliding patio doors, French sliding patio doors, and sliding windows.  They also have some options when it comes to glass. Choose from HP Max Glass, either HP2MAX or HP3MAX. These each have their own features, and your contractor will be able to help you decide which will be better for you.

These windows also have their own design options, including oak woodgrain, birch woodgrain, white or beige interiors.  You can choose from five different types of exterior finish color options as well. This gives you plenty of options when it comes to the look and design of your windows.


Premium Windows

The PlyGem Premium series window is the next step up from the Pro series.  They offer even more package options for you to choose from. They come standard with a vinyl frame with R-Core insulation filling.  These windows also meet Energy Star requirements, making them pretty energy efficient. They have windows that are specific to certain regions.

These Premium series windows are available in a wide variety of window types.  Choose from single hung windows, single hung or casement bay and bow windows, garden windows, sliding windows, and even sliding patio doors or French sliding patio doors.  

You can also choose from various different hardware options, and three different types of woodgrain finishes with  these windows. You can also choose your glass design, or opt for designer glass to be installed with your windows.  You can really make these your own when it comes to design and functionality.


More Information About the Limited Lifetime Warranty from PlyGem

The limited lifetime warranty offered by PlyGem covers both new contruction and replacement windows.  PlyGem puts all of their windows through vigorous testing to ensure that they meet all standards (or exceed them).  You can get specific information about their ratings from your contractor, because this will vary on the type of window that you choose.  

PlyGem is very dedicated to ensuring customer satisfaction, so they do offer a rather generous warranty on all of their windows.  They believe that their windows have been crafted in a way that puts quality above all else, so they back their products up. Their limited lifetime warranty features will actually depend on the type of window.  Be sure to get warranty information specific to the type of window that you are purchasing.

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