Your Guide to Historic Home Painting

Historic Preservation Painting

Keeping a historical home preserved without taking away from the historical aspect of the home can be quite tricky. There is not much that compares to the beauty of an older historical style house. The problem is that they tend to have problems with their paint jobs over time. Part of the historical aspect of a home is keeping it close to the original, which is why painting can be thought to take away from it. The good news is that it is possible to update and paint the home, while still preserving its originality.

Materials and paints that have been used over the years have changed a lot as time has evolved and advancements have been made. We will start out by taking a closer look at your historical home to look at any chips or cracks in the paint and see what may have caused them, to ensure that when the new paint job is done it is done in a way that will hopefully prevent these problems from arising in the future. Most problems tend to occur due to the type of paint that has been used in previous years, as it was not made to last as long as some of the newer paints.

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Avoid Chipping of Brittle Paint

Paint tends to become brittle as it wears down, and will start to chip over time. This is typically true of older homes. Many of the paints used years ago were also lead based, which has been shown to not be as safe as the newer paints. We will grind down any cracks and chips in your original paint, and ensure that the surface is smooth and ready to be repainted. This is not a step to skimp out on, because if you just try to slap new paint over the old paint without first cleaning it and smoothing it down, it can make the paint look clumpy, and can make it peel prematurely.

Why Hire Us for Your Historic Home Painting Needs

If your historical home needs a little bit of a makeover, we can help. We are passionate about ensuring that the originality of your home stays in tact. We also take pride in a job well done, and focus on supreme craftsmanship and attention to the small details. We can also discuss historical color options, to ensure that your home keeps its historical or antique appeal.

We take pride in offering fair and accurate estimates for all of our clients, to ensure that you know what you will have to pay before we get started on the job. We also treat your home as if it were our own, taking great care of it. All of our work is also backed by a guarantee, because we know that quality outweighs just about everything else when it comes to historical home painting. Call us today and let us come out and give you an estimate and discuss your historic home painting needs.

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