Your Guide To Summer Roof Protection

Because of the fact that it’s constantly exposed to the elements, your roof takes a significant beating from season to season. In order to ensure that it performs at its best – even through the worst weather conditions – there are certain maintenance tasks to perform prior to the start of each season. With the summer solstice fast approaching, is your roof prepared for the challenges of summer? The best way to stop roof damage from occurring is with proactivity and prevention. We’ll give you a guide on how you can protect your roof during the summer below!

Check Your Attic Ventilation

Most people only think of their attic’s ventilation levels when it’s time to fend off the chilly winter months. However, this trait is just as important during the summer! It should go without saying that summer is when the temperatures are at their hottest, and these temperatures can take a beating on your roof. On the outside, it can absorb these temperatures without issue. However, your attic can get as hot as over 100 degrees without the proper insulation, leading to warping and cracking throughout your roof! To prevent this problem, consider investing in more attic insulation.

Check For Mold or Algae

April showers bring May flowers, but they also bring the potential for mold growth before the summer. Besides it being a common allergen, mold and algae can cause serious structural damage to a property if they’re allowed to spread. It should go without saying that these structural issues apply to your roof, which can lead to serious water damage in the event of a rainstorm! Mold and algae can also spread quickly, so if you see this forming on your roof, it needs to be addressed immediately.

Repair Any Existing Damages

April showers also bring the potential for severe weather conditions. Your roof isn’t impervious to the worst weather – no matter what type of material you’ve installed! It’s a wise practice to get your roof inspected during the spring and summer months to help address these issues. A professional roofing company will easily spot imperfections, repairing them with ease and restoring your roof’s fortifications. Once all is said and done, your roof will be in its best shape heading into summer!

Roof Repairs & Replacements With Hatch Homes

When your roof gets damaged, you need the most trusted roofing contractors in your area to ensure the best repairs. Hatch Homes provides comprehensive roof repairs and replacements to residents in North Carolina. We’ll help your roof fend off the nasty coastal weather and keep your home safe all summer long. Contact us today if you’re in need of a new roof or repairs to an existing one!

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