Your Guide to Wood Replacement Windows

Wood window frames are actually the most traditional type of window frame on the market.  They are also the most durable, and they help to keep your home well insulated during extreme temperatures.  The frame is cut from wood exactly as specified to give the window a nice frame. The sashes of the frames are also made up of wood, and can be made in a variety of shapes and styles to meet your needs.  They are usually held together with nails, screws and glue. They can also have caulking to help keep the wood sealed and give the frame a better construction.

There are a lot of great benefits that come with replacing your window frames with wood windows.  First, they just have that traditional look and feel to them. It really does give a great aesthetic appeal, and can help to improve the value of your home.  They are also available in a variety of different styles, and can be painted to match just about any home décor style. These are just a few of the reasons why people choose wood replacement windows.

The Advantages of Choosing Wood Windows

Wood windows really do have that charm and tradition that comes along with them.  It looks great in any home, whether modern or vintage. There are just so many ways that you can customize your wood windows as well. You can choose from a variety of different wood types, and you can even paint it so that it can go with your home design.  

Wood windows are also really good when it comes to insulation.  Wood is used as an insulator, so wood windows can really be well insulating for your home.  This is especially true if you choose a glass that has some insulating properties. Glazes that are applied to the glass, such as a low-E finish, can really help to make the window more energy efficient as a whole.  These glazes can be applied in such a way that it does not obstruct your view at all.

Wood windows are also less likely to expand and contract, which means they are more resilient than aluminum or vinyl windows.  They can really withstand changes in the temperature quite easily. If you live in an area where the weather goes from one extreme to the next throughout the year, then this may be a good type of window for you to consider.  

While wood windows do not expand and contract with temperature changes, this can happen with moisture.  The best way to protect your wood windows is to seal them with a weatherproof finish once they are installed.  This can keep the wood from cracking and warping without moisture, and it can also keep them from rotting away.  

Wooden windows are going to stand the test of time better than just about any other window type on the market.  This is also why they tend to be the most expensive type of window frame. On top of being the most durable, they are also a great environmentally friendly choice.  These frames can be recycled, and are sourced with sustainable materials. This is something that attracts a lot of people to this type of window.

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The Drawbacks of Vinyl Windows

While vinyl windows are really popular, and for good reason, they do have their fair share of drawbacks.  Let’s take a closer look at some potential flaws in their design. First, they are really more susceptible to wear and tear.  They are not the most durable type of window. They are much easier to break than other window frames. They are also known to fade over time.  The good news is that the chemicals that are used in PVC today tend to help thwart off the fading, and help them to look better for longer.

Vinyl windows are also not going to last as long as say, wooden windows.  This is because they are just not really made to last. If you take good care of them and keep them clean, then they will last you 10+ years in most cases.  Many people do not want to deal with the hassle of painting them after they start to show wear, and just replace them. This is not usually a problem though, as they are really budget friendly.

Choosing the Right Wood Type for Your Frames

The type of wood that is used for your wooden frames is very important.  Pine just so happens to be one of the least expensive types of woods, but that does not mean that it is going to be the most durable.  One of the most costly types of wood is mahogany. It is much stronger, as it is a hardwood. It does not expand or contract as much as some of the other types of wood that you find on the market.  This makes them more ideal for certain homes. This is especially true if you live in an area that has a lot of moisture in the air.

Considering Painting Your Wooden Windows?

If you are wanting to paint your windows, then you can really make it a lot easier for yourself if you get primed frames.  These frames have already been primed, and are ready to be painted. This can save you a lot of time, and it can also save you hassle and money in the long run.  The primed windows tend to not cost anymore than windows that have not been primed. They just help you to save a little time when it comes to having your windows installed. 

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New Construction Windows Versus Replacement Windows

Another factor that you will need to consider when choosing your windows is whether or not you want new construction windows or replacement windows.  Replacement windows seem to be the most affordable option, and they also do not tend to take as much time when it comes to the installation. If you want a brand new window installed in your home, or if you are having a new home built, then you may want to just go with replacement windows.  

Replacement windows do not have the same nailing flange as the new windows, so they actually fit into your existing fame.  These windows are not usually as big, and they don’t cost as much money. They also do not take nearly as much time to install.  New construction windows are really only a good idea if you have your old frames are worn or rotten, and they need to be completely replaced.  In this case, you really need to go with new construction windows.

Consider Fiberglass or Aluminum Cladding for Your Wood Windows

If you want to improve the durability of your wood windows, consider having them clad with either fiberglass or aluminum.  While wooden windows really do look great, and they are pretty reliable with their functionality, they do tend to suffer if exposed to harsh weather elements.  This is something that you can fix if you will have them clad with fiberglass or aluminum. This is a coating that is used on the outer portion of the wood window.  This helps to protect your wood frames, and give them the ability to withstand the test of time. It still does not take away from the aesthetics of the windows.

Choosing the Right Wood Window Manufacturer

When it comes to choosing the right wood window manufacturer, you will want to make sure that you shop around.  There are a few top manufacturers to consider. Some of the most popular include:

  • Alside Wood Windows
  • Andersen Wood Windows
  • Harvey Wood Windows
  • Loewen Wood Windows
  • Marvin Wood Windows
  • Milgard Wood Windows
  • Pella Wood Windows

When choosing a manufacturer, you will want to consider their reputation for making quality windows.  You should also check into the warranty offered by the manufacturer. When reading into the warranty, you need to pay close attention to the fine print.  Some manufacturers offer lifetime warranties, while others may offer as much as a double lifetime warranty. Double lifetime warranties typically cover the lifetime of the homeowner, and it can carry them over to the next owner of the home as well.  Both of these warranties can be great, but pay close attention to what the warranty actually covers.

Having Your Wood Windows Professionally Installed

If you have decided that wood windows are right for your home or office, then you will need to hire a professional to come out and install them for you.  This is important to ensure that the job is done right the first time around. The experts will come out to your home and measure the area. They will be able to determine whether you need new construction or replacement windows.  They will also be able to take care of all of the measurements for your windows, and ensure a proper install from start to finish. The seal on your wood windows is also very important, and they will know how to properly seal it to keep out the elements.  This will help your windows to last longer, therefore protecting your investment.

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